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When we come together to make education a priority, there’s no limit to what we can do.


Every fall, our teachers have the opportunity to request up to $2,000 in innovative classroom ideas. We fund ideas that enrich the academic experience through science, literature, music, and other creative activities that inspire our students to learn and grow. Teachers are able to personalize student learning by testing out new ideas and gaining access to innovative technology and tools that otherwise would not be available in the normal school budget.

Kalispell Public Schools educators spend between $300-$400 out-of-pocket annually on their classrooms. Our Mini Grant program was created from a desire to reduce this need. Through this program, teachers can apply for up to $300 annually for funds that both fall outside budget restrictions and meet the instructional needs of students through personalized learning. This is also a place where previous grant recipients can request additional funds to sustain their projects from previous grant funding, ensuring great ideas stay alive in our schools.


Welcome Cards

New teachers start every year with a blank canvas in their rooms and the desire to make it welcoming and engaging for their students. Because of perpetually tight budgets, there simply isn't enough available to provide needed tools and resources, so most new teachers use their own money just to ensure they have what they need to create the best learning environment.

New in 2022, the KEF now provides all new teachers, many of whom are at the beginning of their careers, with $100 gift cards to help mitigate out-of-pocket expenses to help set up their classrooms.

We partner with local businesses to provide snacks for staff, particularly surrounding challenging events.


Are you a business owner interested in helping us with teacher appreciation?


Contact Dorothy at


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