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2022-2023 Great Opportunity Grant Recipients

Liz Bernau

Bringing Coding to Life


Alexis Gilbert

Chair Pockets for Student-Centered Learning


Kathryn Streit, Amber Carpenter, Gabe Buzzel

Busy Bodies and Engaged Minds


Shannon Marshall

iPads for Technology


Marla Nelson



Kris Schreiner, Jerry Records, Maggie Owens, Bob Macauley, Dan Ogden

Montana Heritage Log Cabin Build


Sean Kelly

The Bulldog Beat


Dani Burtsfield

Teaching Character Development w/Children's Literature


Stephanie McLean

Complicated Cubes


Allison Kreis

Flathead Quiver Relaunch


Ari Hess-Headlee

Let's YOTO this Library!


Carin Edwards

Genetics of a Cash Cow


Ryan Streiff

Arithmetical Jargon


Susan Trefney

Brain Balance to optimize retention of math facts


Tracey Johnson

Hate to Read (Book & Magazine Corner)


Maree Mitchell, Colin Kazmier, Maggie Owens

Whodunnit?? Using properties of matter to solve a crime


Jessica Hensley, Lauren Lenzner, Lexi Gilbert, Desi Palmer

Makers Monday - Soft Start to Learning


Carla Martin, Sarah Lamb, Brittany Williams, Kay Lister, Ken Stephens, Lisa Fant, Colleen O'Dell

Social/Emotional and Transition Support


2022-2023 Mini-Grant Recipients

Kelli Rosenquist

Technology Technicalities


Matt Allison

PBIS Brave Card Implementation


Patrick McElwain

Science and Cooking Projects in Elementary Life Skills


Annie Lillard

Multi-Cultural Literature and the Arts


Romy Loran

Graphic Novels in the Reading Room


Lissy Boar

Calming Hallways


Liz Cummings and Cadie Bailey

Social and Behavioral Skills Board Games Set


Jessica Boyer

Social Emotional Learning!


Ally Jones

Operation: Recharge Zone!


Paxton Schmauch

Flexible Seating


Denice Malley

Developing Social Skills Through Play


Beth Lincoln

Documenting Learning Through Photography


Shannon Chamberlain

Art in The Library


Sarah Conner

Biodiversity in Native Plant Gardens


Heather Key

Sensory Tools for Life Skills


Madeline Gargasz

Instrument Improvement


Ginger Jackson

Chess Club


Carrie Smith

Engaging Leveled Library


Christine Hensleigh

Fidget Strips for Classroom Calm


Kali Decker

Cozy and Comfortable Classroom


Eric Holdhusen

MIDI Keyboards for Music Creation


Stacy Hughes

Culinary Arts Essentials


Lena Olson

Glazes and Tools for Program Advancement


Sarah Lamb

Calming Area for High Schoolers



Fun Friday!


Donelle Holderbaum

Food Photography


Leah Lybeck

Classroom Library


Katie Hankinson

STEAM with emphasis in art


Kristi Sanders

Book Club With Student Choice


Liz Sykora

Recording and Presenting the World Around Us


Jennifer Smith

Brain Breaks



Art projects with each Wonders Unit


Shelli Hilde

Flexible Learning Opportunities


Melanie Hall

2nd Grade Art


Tiffany Strauss

Flashlight Fridays


Megan Koppes

Decodable Books for High School Readers


Deidre Thompson

Every Moment Counts


Trisha Carlson

Grit and Young Adult Lit.


Desiree Palmer

Work Together Wednesday - Board Games


Chamea Bennett

Literacy + Games + Fun = High Engagement


Sharon Sinclair

Connect USA! 50 State Postcard Exchange


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