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2023-2024 Fall Mini-Grant Recipients

Heather DallaBetta

Math and Reading Tools for Independent Kindergarteners


Dani Burtsfield

Cultivating Character in Kids *extension course*


Desi Palmer

Raising Readers: Enhanced Classroom Library


Rachel Miller

Engineering Lab Supplies: Building a Moon Colony!


Annie Gustafson

Collaborative Tools for Middle School Science


Mikelle Wiley

KinderWorld Image Making Books


Nathan Connell

Interactive Choral Resources


Kelli Thomas

Materials for Rankin Engineers


Alexandra Strause

On The Same Page: Building Community and Courage through Chapter Books


Melanie Hall

2nd Grade STEAM Activities


Rose Ann Clark

Book Choice=Ownership=Engagement=Growth=Legacy


Lacie Barr

Learning Library for Peterson Special Education Students


Careylyn Hill

AP Pre-Calculus Support


Denise Spiess

Structure and Nano-scale Folding of DNA


Dana Haring

Creating Connections: Exploring History Through the Senses


Benjamin Cutler

AP Pre-Calculus Support


Denice Malley

Flexible Seating for Innovative Learning Spaces


Ally Jones

Comfortable Counseling Learners


Maggie Owens

Clean it up with Chemistry


2023-2024 Great Opportunity Grant Recipients

Ally Jones

It Takes a Village... To Raise Strong Leaders


Madeline Gargasz

No Child Without a Drum


Amber Carpenter

Works Like a "Charm Bracelet"


Alexis Gilbert

Let's Game: Math Fluency


Kris Schreiner

The Treasure State: Gold and Garnets


Lief Erickson

Orff (Barred) Instruments for Every Grade K-5


Eric Holdhusen

FHS Folk Band Instruments


Brynn Cadigan

Sewing (and Cooking Up) Seeds for the Future


Luke Johnson

The Boxer. An IB English Graphic Novel Class Set


Kara Basko

Explore the Flathead: Discovery Kits for 3rd Grade Science and Social Studies


Danielle Craver

Life Skills Kitchen Update


Brian Bay

Hay Forage Production Program Support


Chris Adamcyk

Flies and the Field: Outdoor Education


Sarah Conner

GHS Science Fair


Woody Carr

Traverse Climbing Wall


Ryan Streiff

Pop it! Literacy Builder


Collin Kazmier



Josh Mohler

Printmaking Art Class


Zach Maurer

Kreative Keyboards For All


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